--Ittihad Integrated Petroleum and Chemicals LLC (“IIPC”) is a leading investment firm engaged in a wide spectrum of economic activities. An unfortunate result of our size and reputation is the misuse of our name and our affiliated company names by imposters and frauds contacting potential clients who are seeking financing or foreign investment. In addition, to scammers publishing fake websites and engaging in “phishing” scams seeking payments, personal or confidential information from potential partners and job seekers.

--For example, several domain names with “ittihad”, “ittihadinternational”, “iii”, “iipcae”, "iiipc" are not authorized by IIPC. These include “iipcae.com,” “iipc01.com,” “ittihad001.com,” “ittihad123456.com,” “ittihad2008.com,” and several other similar domain names. These domain names are known to be a fraudulent website that are not authorized by IIPC.

--When communicating with IIPC, please:· Confirm you are visiting an IIPC official website or an authorized website of IIPC affiliate company. IIPC only authorized websites are posted through the below listed domains. No other website domains are authorized.


--IIPC or it’s affiliated companies do not conduct business or job interviews over online communication platforms, such as Google, Hangouts or WhatsApp.

--IIPC or it’s affiliated companies do not communicate through direct messaging services on social media platforms.

--Please also observe the following best practices:

* Do not send e-mails or otherwise communicate with anyone with an address other than authorized IIPC e-mail addresses (see official domains listed above). IIPC does not permit our employees and representatives to send or receive work related e-mails from personal accounts or any other address. If you are aware of suspicious or potential fraudulent activity when communicating through email, please contact compliance@ittihadinvestment.ae for assistance.

* Do not communicate or deal with personnel who are not associated with an official IIPC office. All official locations are listed on our Contact Us page. No other office locations are authorized offices of IIPC.

* Do not share your login information or password with anyone from IIPC. Providing access to your accounts can put your information at risk. IIPC and our employees will never ask you for your login information or password for its own internal business applications or external personal ones.

* Be creative with your password. You should use a highly secure password for all your accounts. The strongest passwords combine letters, numbers and special characters. The longer the password, the better. Never use the name of a family member or any other information that someone could easily obtain, such as your birth date, phone number or address. Remember to change your password regularly as an added security measure. Avoid reusing the same password for multiple websites.

* Use an email provider that asks you to verify your identity in multiple steps. Sometimes this is referred to as multi-factor authentication, or two-factor authentication.

* Should you become aware that your email address has been hacked, please contact your business partner in IIPC or its affiliated companies to notify and warn them of the event.

--For more general guidance on avoiding internet crimes, visit Abu Dhabi’s Judicial Department Cybercrimes page or the FBI webpages on recent fraud and e-scam available, If you think you have been the victim of internet crime, you may file a complaint with the following government authorities:

· Dubai Police online platform to report cybercrimes

· UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)

· The FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

· You can also report cybercrimes to your nearest police station in your area.

If you have any inquiries about the security of any IIPC communication or have concerns about a suspicious purported IIPC website or e-mail communication, please contact us at compliance@ittihadinvestment.ae


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